Markilux 8800

The conservatory awning in a timeless, modern design.


The round cassette and angular guide tracks harmonise perfectly with one another and with the shapes found in contemporary conservatory design. When fully extended the rounded front profile sits flush with the end of the guide tracks.

By virtue of the especially sturdy construction areas of up to 36 m² can be covered by one unit with a single cover. A patented clip-on bracket mechanism ensures simple, problem-free installation.


Markilux 8800 tracfix – optional
The tracfix system ensures safe lateral fabric guidance and a neat closed appearance, without the annoying gap between the cover and the guide tracks.

The maximum width of an individual unit is 700 cm up to a maximum drop of 450 cm. A maximum width of 500 cm is possible at the maximum drop of 700 cm. The maximum width of the markilux 8800 tracfix as an individual unit is 600 cm with a maximum drop of 450 cm. A maximum width of 500 cm is possible at the maximum drop of 600 cm.

A hard-wired motor is standard. In the case of more than one field more than one motor (which can be operated independently) may be necessary.

Optimised gas piston modules independently keep the cover under perfect tension. An exceptionally rigid front profile minimises the sag in the cover and the profile.


The markilux 8800 is available in the following colour variants:

Fabric Options

Markilux awning covers made of sunvas snc or sunsilk snc are available. We recommend: Perfotex with the special wind and water permeable open weaving technique.



Light and Wind Sensor

The sun and wind sensor detect any change in weather - and ensures the right reaction of your markilux.
Your markilux will extend automatically as soon as the sun appears or retract into its cassette - of its own accord - if the wind picks up significantly.

Motor operation with remote controls

Markilux hand-held remote controls allow you to operate you awning comfortably at the touch of a button.The attractive shape and ergonomic design characterise these elegant and easily operated hand-held remote controls. Extra comfort you should enjoy.