Markilux 1500

A well-rounded awning - Certainly special – and not just technically speaking.

Design Features

• The 1500 is available up to a maximum width of 660cm. The maximum projection is 350cm.

• The successful shape of the markilux 1500 led to it winning the IF Products Design Award.

• The elegant aluminium front profile closes harmoniously into the attractive, strikingly shaped semi-cassette.

•The coverboard adapts itself to the pitch of the awning automatically sothere is no gap between coverboard and front profile.

• For long-lasting attractiveness the awning has been powder coated.

• Attractive brackets; Design down to the last detail.

Technical Highlights

• The ovoid gas piston-tensioned arms give particularly good cover tautness.

• Front profile with integrated gutter and hidden water drainage spouts.

• The round 50 mm torque bar is extremely resistant to twist and deflection, the roller tube is 85 mm in diameter.

• The extremely sturdy awning construction makes it possible to shade even very large areas safely.

• Optionally a wall sealing profile is available.

Colour Options

The Markilux 1500 is available in the powder coating colours off-white textured finish, stone grey metallic and anthracite metallic. Upgrade to the Lounge style line which features polished chrome end caps of the cassette - along with the tImeless, exclusive appearance of the Lounge frame colours - lend the awning a unique touch.

Standard Colours

Lounge Colours

Fabric Options

All fabrics are made from acrylic fabric and sunsilk snc in the current markilux collection, including exclusive signature fabric series, are available.

Optionally a shadeplus is available.

Optional Extras

• In the case of manual operation ease of use is ensured with the springassisted gearbox.

• Hard-wired motor drive (optionally with automatic controls) for simple, relaxed operation.

• Radio-controlled motor with handheld transmitter for ease of operation - and ergonomically crafted for ease of use.

• The shadeplus creates an additional room on the patio. Protection from sun, wind and inquisitive glances in one.

• Awning available in non-standard RAL colours



Vibration Sensor

A vibration and inertia sensor based on RTS technology for the wireless communication of wind signals.

Battery powered and therefore independent of the mains supply. Should be fi tted to either the inside or the outside of the front profi le. No wiring is necessary.

Nine sensitivity levels can be selected.
Compatible with all RTS radio-controlled receivers that can pick up wind signals.



Feel the warmth immediately and enjoy more of the evening.

• A pleasant warm sensation, no heating-up phase with an agreeable lighting ambiance!
• An attractive, unobtrusive housing in aluminium, powder coated to match that of your markilux awning
• The heater can stay in place all year round - the housing is weather proof and splash proof (IP 24)
• Save as much as 30% on energy costs in comparison with gas or quartz radiating heaters
• Average lamp life approximately 5000 hours
• Available with radio remote-control operation


Integrated Lighting

The right lighting creates atmosphere: Not only inside, also on the patio and the balcony. Therefore the markilux 6000 also is available with accentuated lighting using directional markilux spotlights or with flood lighting using fluorescent lamps which are integrated discreetly into the front profile.

Who says that light sources for the balcony and terrace can only be fitted on the house wall? The lighting in the front profile of your markilux 6000 transforms your sun protection in the evening into a romantically lit heaven under which you can sit wonderfully safely on long summer nights and dream the night away.



Simply block out blinding rays of sun or inquisitive glances using Shadeplus. This additional length of material is let down out of the front awning rod.

This provides additional protection from prying eyes and sun that we recommend for every markilux - and then at the same time conjures up an airy, private open air seating niche. 

Shadeplus is a clever invention from our company which provides perfect sun protection under your markilux. An additional roller tube is fitted in the front profile from which a second awning cover can be lowered – to a maximum 2.10 drop. A wonderful, shady, additional room in the open air is thus created: No matter if the sun is high or low, Shadeplus provides you with reliable protection. 

The height of the sun is not only dependent on the time of day but also on the location, direction and season. A markilux with Shadeplus always guarantees you perfect protection – that’s a reason to order it along with your awning!