Markilux 760/860

The vertical cassette blind with guide tracks and tensioning system that gives excellent cover tension and an elegant, refined appearance.


Particularly clean cut and under perfect tension - the vertical blind with the vario tensioning belt system.

The small inconspicuous cassette made of extruded aluminium is powder-coated and when retracted the awning cover is protected from atmospheric influences by the fully encompassing cassette. The awning cover is guided along lateral strong aluminium guide tracks. A special tensioning system using a combined elastic and kevlar belt provides ideal cover tension when the awning is fully extended. The markilux 760/860 meets the requirements of wind resistance class 3 (Beaufort 6). All components require minimal maintenance and are protected against corrosion.


The maximum width is 400 cm with a system height of 250 cm. A maximum width of 325 cm is possible for a maximum system height of 400 cm.

The awning is fitted as standard with manual gearbox operation (a bevel gear and bayonet winding handle). A hard-wired or radio-controlled motor with markilux remote control operation can be fitted as optional accessory.


The markilux 760/860 is available in the following colour variants:

Fabric Options

All awning covers made from sunvas snc or sunsilk snc as well as the special fabric transolair, that allows you to look outside and enjoy pleasant shade at the same time.



Light and Wind Sensor

The sun and wind sensor detect any change in weather - and ensures the right reaction of your markilux.
Your markilux will extend automatically as soon as the sun appears or retract into its cassette - of its own accord - if the wind picks up significantly.

Motor operation with remote controls

Markilux hand-held remote controls allow you to operate you awning comfortably at the touch of a button.The attractive shape and ergonomic design characterise these elegant and easily operated hand-held remote controls. Extra comfort you should enjoy.