Bi-Folding Doors Installation Service

Choosing a Bi-Folding Door with SWR
The most popular quality bi-fold doors have is that they open up your house, allowing fantastic views of the outside and letting in large expanses of light. But with this comes a list of things to consider: aesthetics, thermal insulation, security, safety of use, structural integrity, building regulations and cost – to name a few.

"We’re here to make your bi-fold door purchase easy"

Don’t worry, SWR are a leading supplier of the highest quality bi-folding door systems, with products and solutions to meet everyone’s needs. We are here to help guide you through your Bi-folding door purchase and ensure you choose the perfect door for your home, budget and requirements.
Our Showroom
A visit to our showroom is strongly recommended, as seeing the different doors in a working environment, allows you to feel and envisage the products on your property. Our specialists are on-hand to explain the different industry jargon, and ensure your doors work for you and your home. If you want the highest thermally insulated doors, backed up with the highest security and great aesthetical designs and looks - we have the solutions and answers.