Style 403

Brief Description
There are many details that set a sectional door apart. All in all, you will enjoy the practical advantages every day: You can conveiently drive into your garage and have more space inside and in front of the garage. Treat yourself to this comfort and convenience.

Individual designs
Design your own timber door:
A simple drawing is enough for us to manufacture a bespoke door for you using a computer-aided mill.

Door Sizes

This door is available in all sizes. For more information on sizes and prices please contact us.

Door Material Options

Nordic Pine
is a light-coloured softwood with predominantly
straight graining. Heart shakes, individual resin pockets,
spiral graining and the yellowish brown “knots” are natural
characteristics of the wood.

Hemlock is a greyish white to light-greyish brown softwood
with predominantly straight grain, brown mineral stripes
along the grain and with bark pockets.

Colour Options

Hormann Timber Doors is impregnated at factory to protect it against insect and fungal attack to protect it from weathering and retain its beautiful appearance, please treat the timber with a wood preservative.

Setting Accents

Choose from 3 natural stones. In styles 403 and 404, natural stone is used as an attractive design feature. Variations in colour and structure are a natural characteristic.

Handle Options