Brief Description
A simple thing, quality - when you know how. At Woodrite Doors they are time-served joiners with years of experience. With an eye for detail and an ability to work with, rather than against the natural properties of thier selected timbers, they produce the very best.

The Coach House range of garage doors represents the finest of its kind, hand-built and finished to exacting standards.

With a little care, timber lasts well and is forgiving of minor knocks and bumps. Woodrite fully finished doors are protected by a special base-treatment and UV resistant finishing coats for lasting good looks.

Select with confidence knowing you are in good hands - craftsman’s hands.

Balmoral Range

The Balmoral range are Solid-built up and over garage doors made with selected cedar mouldings, cedar tongue and grooved boards and raised and fielded cedar panels dependent on style.

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Door Sizes

This door is available in all sizes. For more information on sizes and prices please contact us.

Operation Types:

Next comes lifting gear and high quality is what makes Woodrite doors a pleasure to use.

We have two to choose from – Super-Chassis and Masta-Gear.

Super-Chassis is a lightweight gear suitable for all but the largest panel-build garage doors from the Somerset and Buckingham ranges. It features a strong corrosion protected steel chassis into which the lifting gear is integrated. Super-Chassis is available in retractable (single and double size doors) or canopy action (single size doors only). Retractable gear is straight arm as standard with the option of cranked arms for extra drive through width at wing mirror height on single sized garage doors. Super-Chassis timber framed garage doors have edge-to-edge timber all round, garage doors with a steel frame have edge-to-edge timber at the bottom and sides and a steel top edge that acts as a slam strip, closing concealed behind the frame head. The strong steel chassis sits behind the door panel. The top edge slam strip on doors with a steel frame is concealed behind the frame head when closed.

Masta-Gear is a do-it-all gear, suitable for all garage doors in all sizes. Masta-Gear fixes to an aluminium sub-frame for panel-build garage doors and directly to the timber panel for solid-build garage doors. It is available in retractable (single and double size doors) or canopy action (single size garage doors only). Single size retractable garage doors feature cranked lifting arms for increased drive-through width at wing mirror height. The heavy-duty straight arm version is fitted to double garage doors and the heaviest solid-build doors at the top end of the single garage door sizes.

Not sure – that’s fine – SWR is always happy to provide guidance on the right lifting gear to choose – just give us a call on 01442 359679 or Click here for more information on Gear Types.

Colour Options*

* Due to monitor limitations actual production colours and grain detail may vary.

Handle Options

Doors are supplied with a black handle and key operated lock to activate the multi-point latches – security comes as standard!

Super-Chassis doors are available with a black handle, whilst Masta-Gear doors are available with black and the option of brass effect and silver effect handles.

For doors that are to be motorized, lock deletion can be specified at the time of order – locks can always be fitted at a later date but lock holes cannot be removed!

Both retractable and canopy doors have twin latches operated by rods or cables from a locking handle. Two at the bottom for retractable doors, two at the top for canopy doors.