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Enjoy your outdoor space in style with our stunning ranges of furniture

Product Range

Alexander Rose have been at the forefront of garden furniture design since 1994. Beginning as manufacturers of wooden furniture, the company branched out into beautiful woven ranges in 2007. All products are made by highly-skilled weavers and designers at their custom built facility in the Philippines.

They also take their ethical and environmental responsibilities very seriously. Alexander Rose implement best environmental policies during their manufacturing processes. This includes using raw material that are 100% recyclable with minimal wastage. With Alexander Rose, you are getting some of the most beautiful and hardwearing rattan furniture in the world-bringing a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

Alexander Rose Weave Collection


This collection celebrates the artisan craft of hand weaving with its elegant basket weave style and traditional lines in white coloured Rose Fibres.

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Kool Pearl

The Kool Pearl collection is finished in pearl coloured Rose Fibres and woven in a round two-by-two traditional pattern.

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Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo collection is woven using a traditional basket style, with round textured charcoal grey rattan weave.

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The name says it all. Inspired by the sea this collection features a V patterned bronze coloured weave which glints invitingly in the sunshine.

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Ocean Pearl

Celebrating the Ocean range, the Ocean Pearl collection features lighter rattan with flat pearl coloured Rose Fibres woven in a traditional style.

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San Marino

San Marino is woven in Red Pine coloured high quality round Rose Fibres and inspired by the elegance of the Mediterranean.

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